Cyclocross Tokyo 2023 English Page


Sat, 11th Feb

8:00-8:30  Official training

8:40-09:10 ME4-A

9:25-09:55 ME4-B

10:10-10:40 ME4-C

10:55-11:25 MM50

11:40-12:10 MM35/MM40/MM60+

12:15-12:10 Official training

12:55-13:25 ME3/MU17/MU15

13:40-14:10 WE2/WE3/WU17/WU15/WM/WJ

14:25-15:05 ME2/MJ

15:20-16:20 ME1

※The awards ceremony will be held immediately after each race.

Sun, 12th Feb

8:30-8:50 Official training(Only CK1&CK2

9:00-9:15 CK1/CK2/CK3

9:20-9:35 Official training(Only Team endurance race

9:45-11:55 Team endurance race

11:25-11:55 Official training&Course maintenance

12:05-12:45 MM1

13:00-13:40 WE1

13:55-14:55 ME1_TOP35

15:15-15:35 Closing Ceremony

※CK1, CK, Enduro’s, awards ceremony will be held immediately after each race.
MM1, WE1, ME1_TOP35 awards ceremony will be held immediately after the ME1_TOP35 race.



This events applies the UCI Regulation 2022, and Specific regulation of the JCF and AJOCC regulations (Latest edition).

◆Star Order
The start order is determined as follows:
1)Latest edition of UCI Cyclo-cross individual ranking
2)Non-Ranked invited riders
3)JCF CX individual ranking after Zao Round
4)AJOCC individual ranking after Kansai/Utsunomiya Rounds

◆Race number
Race Numbers will supply one Body and two Shoulders.
The body number wear the back (middle) and the two shoulders (the outside of the upper arm). Numbers must visible from the officials.
In the Endurance race it shall be one body number.

◆Application of 80% rule
The 80% rule is not applied to all events.


◆Pit boxes
・Accreditation for Pit will issue at License control.
・Pit will not assignment by Commissaries.
・Pit crew must wear an accreditation when entering the pit (admission is not allowed in case of  not wearing).
・The organizer does not prepare the bike wash tool at Pit. (Don’t use monopolizing the water   supply in the park.)


◆Staging and Starting procedure
・No entry signature before the start.
・Riders report at the call up zone 15 minutes before the start.
・Call up starts 10 minutes before the start.
・All team staff must be gone from the start area one minute before the start.
・Riders must wait 30 seconds before the start with one leg ground.

Race venue

Odaiba Kaihin Koen, 1-chome, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to


ミズタニ自転車 アミノバイタル FEELCAP Rapha ジャックウルフスキン GIANT IRC BOMA Muc-off ACTIVIKE KhodaaBloom EXLUB STEM-DESIGN ヴィットリアタイヤ challenge SPanaracer 東京サンエス DONEN SMITH SHIMANO